EN  The Third Book of the Chronicle

DE    Das dritte Buch der Chronik 

HR   Treća knjiga ljetopisa

CZ   Třetí kniha letopisů

Statement – Erklärung – Izjava – Prohlášení

To forestall any enquiries and discussions, the following is declared: This book was created at the behest of the LORD by human beings. All historical chapters of the chronicle are the work of man, on the one hand written through inspiration, on the other by human (lack of) knowledge.
The text GOD’S CALL is the LORD’S summons expressed in human words. Lacking linguistic expressiveness, it may perhaps be inept in its phrasing, yet it is truthfully and authentically recounted. All other questions are redundant as only the LORD knows why, why now, why like this and no other way this is to be understood.